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Help! How do I remove trojan horses from my computer?

A few days ago I wouldn't have had a clue how to remove trojan scripts from my system, let alone know why it'd be bad if I didn't remove it. Since then I've learned more than I wanted to about spy ware, ad ware, and other bugs that infiltrate those who least expect it. Hopefully my experience will help you learn how to remove trojan horses from your computer as well as the importance of doing so.

Not too long ago, I began experiencing odd problems with my computer when I would log onto the internet. My browser began at a start page I did not set, and certain applications I used to run without problem suddenly wouldn't even open. I did my homework and realized that I needed to go through the steps to remove trojan horses (spy ware, ad ware, etc.) from my system.

Initially, I began by researching the specific problems my computer was showing, and learned in the process that trojans are malicious entities disguised as friendly programs. Reconsidering what I'd downloaded in the past week, I realized I had installed a freeware program whose end user license agreement I hadn't read. At this point, I knew I needed to figure out how to remove trojan viruses from my system, as this is apparently a very common reason why people's computers get infected.

Why you need to remove trojan horses

One thing trojans are capable of doing is finding and transmitting passwords to your email account and other applications. Afraid that the trojans might start sending unwanted spam to hundreds of users via my email account, I researched ways to remove trojan scripts from my computer manually. After experiencing what I did, I can honestly say that I don't advise this method. :)

I consider myself to be quite computer literate but I do possess only a limited knowledge of the finer technical aspects of operational codes. Needless to say, I was completely lost and more scared than ever when I tried to find and remove trojan ware from my system. I was afraid that I could do more damage to my computer than the trojan already had so I enlisted the help of SpyWare Doctor to help me remove trojan issues from my system.

Not only does SpyWare Doctor remove trojan horses, ad ware, spy ware, and other hidden issues, but it also detects and deletes spyware, adware and other malicious bugs when they try and make entry. With a few clicks of the mouse, I was able to instantly remove the two trojan programs it found without any system issues. In a few minutes my system was ad ware, spy ware and trojan free. Best of all, it automatically scans incoming programs, removes trojans that appear, and prevents any of these scripts from gumming up my system.

Thank you SpyWare Doctor, you saved me a heck of a lot of time and anguish!

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