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Key Logger Remover

Key-Logger - What is it?

A Key-Logger is a program that when installed on your PC can record every key stroke of the keyboard which can be viewed by the owner of the PC or another person without the knowledge of the owner. Key-Logger threats are extreme privacy risks as they can lead to identity theft and financial losses resulting form such theft. These may include theft of credit card numbers, theft of on-line bank login details and many other very serious privacy risks. There are hundreds of known Key-Logger tools distributed via major shareware download sites. And there are possibly many more that are custom written for the purpose of obtaining confidential information and are not available for download. Key-Loggers are almost impossible to detect without using specialized privacy protection tool such as Spyware Doctor.

How do I know if a Key-Logger has been installed on my PC?

The best way to protect your self against a Key-Logger is not to allow it to be installed in the first place. There are various tools that are designed to scan for a Key-Logger in order to detect it and remove it. Some are very good but most are highly ineffective. The best way to protect yourself from a Key-Logger is to use a software tool that actively guards your PC against threats and also allow scan and removal to be performed on already infected machine. Spyware Doctor is such a tool. PC users can perform scan and removal of known Key-Loggers using Spyware Doctor's powerful and constantly updated database of known Key-Loggers and various other Spyware, Adware and Malicious software.

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