Getting started with PC Tools AntiVirus Free


About this section:

The Getting Started Guide is designed to help you begin using PC Tools AntiVirus Free immediately. It provides an overview which covers the installation process and describes the most used functions of PC Tools AntiVirus Free. It does not cover the full range of the functions of PC Tools AntiVirus Free or describe them comprehensively. To learn more about the full range of these functions, simply click on the link in each section.



What are the minimum system requirements for installing PC Tools AntiVirus Free?

You will need the following minimum system requirements for installing PC Tools AntiVirus Free:

1           Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3 (32bit only)

       CPU: Pentium® 4 or equivalent 400 Mhz (**minimum) | Core™2Duo or equivalent 1 Ghz (recommended)

       Memory: 512MB **(minimum) | 1024 MB (recommended)

       HDD: 500 MB free

        Video: SVGA (800x600)

        CD-ROM drive (if not installing via electronic software download)

 Note: Internet access is required to register product and receive product updates.

1        Microsoft Windows Vista® SP2 (32bit and SP2 64bit) and Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit)

      CPU: Pentium 4 or equivalent1 Ghz (**minimum) | Core2Duo or equivalent 1Ghz (recommended)

      Memory: 1024 MB for 32 bit or 2048 MB for 64 bit (minimum)** | 2048 MB (recommended)

      HDD: 500 MB free

      Video: SVGA (800x600)

      CD-ROM drive (if not installing via electronic software download

Note: Internet access is required to register the product and receive product updates.

2                Support for Browser Protection Features

      Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.0 or later (32-bit only)

       Mozilla Firefox® 3.0 or later 


Where do I download the latest version of PC Tools AntiVirus Free?

Go to to download the latest version of PC Tools AntiVirus Free.


Getting Started

I've installed and registered PC Tools AntiVirus Free. What do I do next?

1           Become familiar with the Home screen.

The Home screen is displayed whenever you first open PC Tools AntiVirus Free. It provides immediate access to the main functions along with the summary and status of scans performed, threats detected, protection profile and also subscription details.

The Home screen is divided into these sections:

Top Navigation Panel

      Home - Selecting Home tab will display the product Home screen.

      IntelliGuard - Displays the set of IntelliGuard tools which offer protection from threats in real-time.

      Settings - Displays the Settings screen where you can customize PC Tools AntiVirus Free's settings according to your protection and security requirements.

      Start Scan Now - Displays the scanning screen with three types of scans to choose from: Intelli-Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan.

Protection Summary - Provides you with a summary of your system's protection:

      Number of Threats Detected

      Number of Scans Performed

      Number of Items Scanned

      Number of Database Updates

      Number of Days left for Subscription Expiry

      Last Smart Update

      Last Scan performed on your computer

Protection Status - Displays the protection status on the basis of various settings and tools being adjusted for your computer. You can turn on or off the following major protection features from the Home screen:

      IntelliGuard Protection - toggle the button to turn on or off IntelliGuard real time monitoring

      Start Scan Now - Clicking the Scan button under the Start Scan Now tab starts an Intelli-Scan of your system immediately. An Intelli-Scan is a scan of applications, startup files and other locations where infections are most commonly found.

2            Run Smart Update

Click the Smart Update button in the bottom navigation bar to run Smart Update for downloading the latest updates to the product. By default, Smart Update will prompt you whenever there are updates to the product.

3            Run a Full Scan

      Select the Start Scan Now tab in the top navigation panel.

      Click the Start button under Full Scan.

      When the scan is complete, PC Tools AntiVirus Free will list any problems found. The threat level of each problem is also indicated.

      Click Fix Selected to remove the problems. You may selectively remove problems by checking or unchecking items in this list.

4            Recommended: Schedule a weekly scan

Periodic scans will help keep your system protected.

      Select the Settings tab in the top navigation panel.

      Click  the Scheduled Tasks button in the left navigation panel.

       Click the Add button to add a scanning task from the Schedule Wizard.

      Click the Next button on the Schedule Wizard to view options to be added to the wizard.

      Select from the following options and click the Next button.

a           Intelli-Scan of this computer

b           Full scan of this computer

c            Custom Scan of this computer

d           Search for Updates

e           Search and Download Updates

5           Select the frequency for performing the selected task and click the Next button.

6           Select the time and days you want the selected task to run on your computer and click the Next button.

Your scheduled task will be displayed on the next screen.

7           Click the Finish button to add the displayed task to the scheduler.

How do I know how long a scan will take on my PC?

The progress bar is the best measure of how long a scan will take on your computer. For instance, if PC Tools AntiVirus Free is approximately 75% of the way through all its scans, the progress bar will show 75%. Additionally, there is a “Time Remaining” estimator so you know how long the remaining scan process should take.

How do I schedule a custom scan on my computer?

From the Home screen, select Settings > Scheduled Tasks to schedule a custom scan on your computer.

What is IntelliGuard and how do I use it?

IntelliGuard is PC Tools AntiVirus Free's real-time protection feature. It consists of a set of tools which monitor your system in real-time to help keep your system safe from threats. Select the IntelliGuard tab in  the top navigation panel to view a list of all the IntelliGuard tools. You may activate or deactivate as many tools as you like.

The following IntelliGuard tools are available in PC Tools AntiVirus Free:

      Behavior Guard: Detects potentially malicious files and processes exhibiting suspicious behavior on your system, and prevents them from harming your system.

      Browser Guard: Browser Guard provides real-time protection against malicious changes to Internet Explorer and Firefox settings caused by Browser Hijackers. Browser Guard checks for these hijackers, which can be acquired by browsing the Internet, and removes them from your web browser.

      Cookie Guard: Monitors web browsers for potentially malicious tracking and advertising cookies and removes them automatically.

      Download Guard: Defends against Zero-Day viruses, spyware, worms, trojans and other malware using cloud based verification of downloads from common network facing applications, such as Internet browsers.

      File Guard: Monitors your system for any malicious  files and prevents  them from being accessed. Also blocks attempts to open malicious  attachments in Microsoft Outlook and other e-mail clients. Includes Startup Guard which provides real-time protection against malicious applications that are set to run automatically on your system when Windows starts up and at any time during normal system operations.

      Network Guard: Guards against malicious changes to your network settings which can include unsolicited changes to your Windows Hosts file, Windows Messenger service, Layered Service Provider (LSP) and Domain Name Server (DNS).

      Rootkit Guard: Detects, repairs and blocks rootkits and other malicious hidden processes from running on your system. Rootkits are a type of virus technology that can be used to hide threats on a compromised system.

How do I set PC Tools AntiVirus Free for Maximum Protection?

Default settings for PC Tools AntiVirus Free are designed to offer you the best protection while keeping system sources low to reduce their interference with your work or usage of your system.

Some of these optimal settings are for that reason not set as default. However for optimal protection we recommend the following:

Change the settings slider bar to Protection. This setting will enable additional protection to help detect and prevent malware. Note that this setting uses more system resources than in Balanced or Performance modes.

These settings are found under Settings> Performance.

What is the Browser Guard Toolbar and how do I configure it?

The Browser Guard™ toolbar allows you to surf safely by displaying site ratings as you browse the Internet.

Browser Guard™ also marks up search results provided by popular search engines including Google and Yahoo! so you can see which sites Browser Guard™ deems unsafe before you visit them.

After installing PC Tools AntiVirus Free, launching your browser will display the Browser Guard. Launch screen with options to enable PC Tools Search bar and to set is as your default engine.

The Browser Guard toolbar appears at the top of the browser window.

What does the Report Card tell me?

Click the Report Card button in the bottom navigation panel to access this screen.

The Report Card Button is used to access the security report card which provides a summary of the total number of scans performed in the last 30 days. 

It also presents statistical information on Low, Medium and High threats generated by scans along with the names of viruses detected within past 7 days.