Warning! The media system on your computer is corrupt.

No, probably not. This fake alert most likely has to do with the streamviewer exe that you downloaded and ran.

We’ve been monitoring a FakeAv/Koobface/spyware delivery scheme, and today the group dropped their standard FakeAv moneymaker and added a set of phony codec gimmickry to their back of tricks, redirecting the user’s browser to v-s-codecpro.com/purchase.php?code=, all while popping scareware messages about corrupt sound and video codecs. See the prompt in the lower right hand corner here:

The codecs on your system are most likely not corrupted, they were not corrupted on our infected lab system.

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One Response to Warning! The media system on your computer is corrupt.

  1. Leon says:

    How can I uninstall this?

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