Virus Bulletin 2007 Presentations

My talented colleague Sergei Shevchenko and myself (Kurt Baumgartner) will be presenting “Last minute technical papers” at this year’s Virus Bulletin 2007. If you’re not registered yet, you have a few days left!
VB2007 conference: last-minute schedule revealed

Sergei will be speaking about the “sting operation” that he’s been working on that is ThreatExpert, a bullet-proof system for identifying threats.
Sergei’s technical presentation abstract
You can check out the ThreatExpert system and its reports here:

And I’ll be describing my research of the Storm threat’s behaviors and characteristics over the past nine months, a threat best categorized as “Malware 2.0″ (yes, a complete knock off of O’Reilly’s and Dougherty’s statements on Web v2.0).
O’Reilly — What Is Web 2.0
My technical presentation abstract

Should be a another great conference this year! Hope to see you there.

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