Virus Bulletin 2007 a success

The VB2007 conference was a fine one this year in Vienna, Austria, with plenty of great presentations from some talented researchers.

PC Tools researchers’ papers were selected for two of the “Last minute technical presentations” this year.
My talented colleague Sergei Shevchenko presented his automated analysis system “Threat Expert”. You can check out the system here.

Slides from the “Storm – Malware 2.0 has arrived” presentation can be found at the Virus Bulletin web site here.

Appropriately enough for such a current and relevant threat, there seemed to be quite of bit of interest in my presentation’s content from other AV vendors and researchers. Thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback following the presentation.
As always, our Threatfire product continues to prevent storm’s behaviors in the wild. If you haven’t already, you can download it for free at the Threatfire website.

A couple of other favorite presentations (that weren’t from Sergei and myself) were Alex Hinchliffe’s paper “Patching. Is it always with the best intentions?” and Roel Schouwenberg’sTargeted Banker malware on demand“. Very interesting and well researched.
The papers were a part of the conference, and other excellent papers can be found at the virus bulletin. If you haven’t subscribed to the Virus Bulletin, you can find it here.

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