Spam on Twitter Reduced to One Percent

Social networks are attractive forums for cybercriminals looking to spread their scams and malware. Fortunately, one leading social networking site has found a way to combat these aggravating and harmful attacks. Twitter recently announced that it has reduced spam to one percent—this accomplishment marks a vast improvement for users of the popular microblogging site, when just last August spam messages accounted for 11 percent of all tweets.

In a blog post published on March 23, Twitter classified spam as “a variety of different behaviors that range from insidious to annoying.” The post continued, “Posting harmful links to phishing or malware sites, repeatedly posting duplicate tweets, and aggressively following and un-following accounts to attract attention are just a few examples of spam on Twitter.” To read the full post, click here.

Twitter is taking the battle against cybercrime seriously. In addition to instilling safety practices, such as monitoring affected accounts and resetting passwords, the site recently launched a new link-screening service in order to fight phishing scams. Spam is another cyberthreat that Twitter is working tirelessly to combat. As the company’s recent blog post states, “While the battle will never be over, we’re doing well on the front lines.” Let’s hope other social networks follow suit by fighting cybercrime in a similarly aggressive manner.

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