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Phishing scams are nothing new on social networking sites – Facebook has been especially prone to ongoing series of attacks, including recent scams promising free tickets on Southwest Airlines and free iPad giveaways. However, hackers have recently launched a more … Continue reading

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With great popularity comes great exploitation. Facebook has become its own universe, complete with web-based “email,” advertising, picture albums and now you can even book a flight from the social networking platform. But, with the rise of this interactive technology … Continue reading

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When you have to adjust to limiting your prose to a maximum 140 characters, each letter, number, and symbol takes on more significance, and oftentimes many of these characters comprise a link’s lengthy URI. Uniform Resource Identifiers (often identified as … Continue reading

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In our current age of ubiquitous social networking, it is easy to get drawn into what our friends and acquaintances say, do, and post. As most people choose to share stories that they find interesting, we think nothing of clicking … Continue reading

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These days, it’s hard to go a day without reading news about Facebook and/or Twitter, most revolving around online security, privacy concerns, or the latest cyberattack. One site that seems to fly under the radar is LinkedIn, the social networking … Continue reading

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Bots, or robots, serve a command computer by carrying out automated functions at their master’s bidding. Sounds ominous, don’t you think? In fact, common uses of bots include crimes, such as denial-of-service, extortion, identity theft, spam, and fraud. Multiple infected … Continue reading

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