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Two years after it first appeared, the Conficker worm still poses a threat even though it has been relatively quiet as of late.  Since it first emerged, the Conficker Working Group, a team of experts who collectively work to fight … Continue reading

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Spanish law enforcement nabbed three operators of the Mariposa botnet:  “Authorities identified them by their Internet handles and their ages: “netkairo,” 31; “jonyloleante,” 30; and “ostiator,” 25.” The massive infection rate described in the article presents just another reason why you need … Continue reading

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Zeus is an extremely effective bot builder kit designed and developed to be sold in underground markets as a cybercrime kit, enabling buyers to easily build identity theft related spyware that evades many security solutions. The writers have been known … Continue reading

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…John Schiefer is pleading guilty to four federal charges related to fraud and wiretapping. Mr. Schiefer is only 26 years old: Los Angeles hacker to plead guilty to infecting 250,000 computers to steal identities One of the awful things about … Continue reading

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My talented colleague Sergei Shevchenko and myself (Kurt Baumgartner) will be presenting “Last minute technical papers” at this year’s Virus Bulletin 2007. If you’re not registered yet, you have a few days left! VB2007 conference: last-minute schedule revealed Sergei will … Continue reading

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