Spyware Detected on Your Computer!

Not really. See previous post. This scheme has been ongoing this year.

Unfortunately, if this one has run on your system, System Restore points have been deleted from the system and a new restore point created post infection. Cleanup will be a bit more difficult.

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4 Responses to Spyware Detected on Your Computer!

  1. Bob says:

    I have had good luck using a program called Malwarebytes in getting rid of it. I have used it at the college that I work at and 5 times out of 5 it has removed it without any after effects. Beats doing what we did before that, ghost a new image over and the users loosing all their data.

  2. John says:

    This is similar to a virus I got at work when I hit a website from google search and it is called – adware.virtumonde – which was really bad.

    This virus takes over your browsers, changes the home page, takes control of your desktop. The desktop has a similar image as shown on this blog, but you can’t change it.

    The work computer had Norton installed and updated, but it did nothing.

    At home I had Cyberdefender install, and paid for the upgrade since I liked it. At work I downloaded the free version of cyberdefender and installed it, and got the BSOD and it would not run or install.

    I contacted cyberdefender (thank God I had the upgrade at which comes with 24/7 tech support)and they told me that some viruses will shut the system down if you try to install certain anti-virus software. They helped me get the system up and running, and a day later they release a new update that takes care of the adware.virtumonde virus!!!

    On my sons system at h0m8-systim , my son hit a website that also had the same damn virus, and since it was just before Cyberdefender put out the Adware.virtumonde update, it crashed the system. The difference was that I was able to run cyberdefender and update it, then clean the virus of the system.

    Now I don’t know what other programs this virus blocks from installing or running, but this is a good example why you should have your anti-virus on your systems before you get a virus.

    Finally, if you are going to install anti-virus from a public company (cyberdefender is NASDAQ) because they do have accountability and you can be sure it is a legitimate product.

  3. Dirk says:

    Yeah, my system got hammered by some evil virus trojan thingy, and it was bad. On my h0m8-systim it really took over the browser and had some word problems.
    First I tried PC Tools, which found some stuff, and thought it was OK, but still had browser and word problems.
    So I tried Cyberdefender, and it found even more stuff. Afterwards my system worked ok.
    I like that cyberdefender looks for trojans, malware and sypware – not just viruses. I liked it enough, that I paid for the upgrade, cuz I wanted the 2GB back-up and support since I seem to get all kinds of evil on my system.

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