What is a Script Kiddie?

A script kiddie is often, but not always, a juvenile hacker; an attacker who uses scripts or programs developed by more sophisticated hackers or crackers. Oftentimes the underlying motivation for a script kiddies attack is simply to garner the attention of peers. Script Kiddies are generally looked down upon by the hacking community for their lack of self-taught skills and reliance upon premade exploit programs and files. It is often thought that script kiddies are destined to become crackers or black hat hackers in that their rush for skill and power generally supersedes their desire to educate themselves fully in the complexities of hacking. Script kiddies cut and paste code written by others without having or desiring an understanding of how the code actually works and generally only care what the code can do for them. Script kiddies are also more often to be found scanning the internet for a victim computer that possesses a certain vulnerability so they can find a way to use their limited skill set, rather than targeting a specific company or site for other reasons. Because of the many programs available on the internet that were developed by true hackers or crackers, script kiddies are able to easily create mischief, sometimes by simply entering an IP address and clicking a button. It is thought that there may be millions of script kiddies currently on the internet.

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