Ridiculous Autorun Worm Names

Oh brother, you hate to write about it. A worm is spreading fairly high in prevalence this week and last. Sometimes, it is not because of foolish curiousity — the worm is spreading over removable drives like Usb sticks, otherwise known as an “Autorun” worm. Some of these are dropped and run by files like “naked-girl.com” and other “.com” executables.

If you do receive a file or link with a name like one of these (the “.pif” portion will appear to be missing), do everyone a favor and delete it.

Here are the file names we have seen too much of since the beginning of December:

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2 Responses to Ridiculous Autorun Worm Names

  1. Ryan Meray says:

    I truly wonder how much less successful these would be if people weren’t running Outlook on a system with “disable extensions of known files” enabled.

    It was utterly foolish of Microsoft to set that as the default, although I realize there were merely trying to emulate Apple’s ‘simplicity’ when they chose so.

    Regardless, I don’t doubt that if more people were using services like Gmail instead of OE and Outlook, there’d be a vast reduction in the speed and intensity with which worms like these spread.

    Ah well.

  2. ThreatFire Blogger says:

    Hey Ryan-

    Agreed, recognition and awareness of file extensions could help temper the spread of this stuff.

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