Porntube Anyone? Bonus Scareware!

Porn clips are everywhere! But then again, rogue antivirus software are everywhere too.

The fake video codec tactic targets unsuspecting users wanting to view the adult videos purportedly being hosted in the malicious website:


Clicking on one of the thumbnails presents a video player window with the error message “Video ActiveX Object Error”. The message asks the user install a new version of Video ActiveX Object which is actually an installer for Security Tool posing as a fake video codec.

This page also shows the following messageboxes when the user tries to move away from the malicious website and basically does not allow the user to select cancel.

Downloading and installing the presented file install.exe installs Security Tool on the affected computer.

Users of infected machines will have to deal with these annoyances:

Unsuspecting users pay a hefty price of $79.95 for a lifetime software license. Ouch!
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