Ongoing Downloader Activity, Now at

The gang distributing FakeAv downloaders and more have moved their goods and scheme to yet another server and adult theme. In addition to downloader filenames like streamviewer.45043.exe, tubeviewer.ver.6.21586.exe, onlinemovies.45023.exe, the group is finding success in their new addition, freepornmovies.40067.exe. The ThreatFire community is protected from these downloaders, and the newest is showing up in higher volumes.

For the most part, this downloader is being served from The following domains currently resolve to that address:
exe-direct. com
exe-get. com
exe-online-world. com
exe-paste. com
exe-porto. com
exe-site. com
exefileformat. com
exenetsfiles. com
freeexefiles. com
hotexefiles. com
my-exe-load. com
newexefile. com
red-exe. com
robo-exe. com
soft-exe. net
the-exefiles. com
tiaexe. com

The downloader itself currently is pulling down embedded, encrypted malicious files, described in a previous post, from
myart-gallery. com
robert-art. com
superarthome. com

Be wary of codecs that may be tempting to download and run.

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