No Microsoft FTP Module 0day, but Spybot/Kolab Exploits

We’ve been waiting for some stats to come rolling in, but we haven’t seen a hint of an 0day worm or any attacks for that matter on the current Microsoft Ftp module 0day.

Instead of the Ftp 0day showing global activity, Spybot/Kolab is attempting to rip across the Russian Federation and the Ukraine by attacking a several-year-old vulnerability in srvsvc.dll, the server service hosted within one of the several svchost.exe processes running on Windows systems. (Why rush development of a new stack overflow exploit when users don’t patch systems for various reasons for years?) The worm itself attempts to exploit the aged vulnerability and deliver download and execute shellcode, pulling down and running more malware on the compromised host. That shellcode has been downloading an incremented-daily URL from a server hosted in England since August 2nd. Today it is 94.76.194 .116/ 37.exe. Threatexpert report for the payload here.

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