Multinational Phish Phry

In Wisconsin, they’ve got a great smelt fry on Lake Michigan. In Louisiana, you can find great crayfish boils. But in Los Angeles, the Fbi announced a very different fry — another major international cyberfaud takedown they named Operation Phish Phry. The hundreds of people involved defrauded online banking users with phony banking sites, stealing online user identities and later money with those user names and passwords from thousands of individuals.

We’ve posted previously on projects more closely related to ThreatFire’s anti-bot capabilities, like Operation Bot Roast. Sometimes, phishing web servers hosting fraudulent/spoofed banking web pages are provided by compromised, bot-infested systems, without the knowledge of the system’s user. Either way, this multi-year, multinational Phish Phry takes another facet of cybercrime off the grid.

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