Merriam Webster w00t w00t

Ok, this one is a bit late, but I don’t stop by the Merriam Webster dictionary every day:
W00t is the official word of the year

We have heard the w00ting that goes along with 0day and additional exploit releases from around the world — it’s been tossed around by the haxor crowd for years.
You can get a hold of metasploit exploit developers y0 and mc at w00t-shell. d4rkgr3y from SecurityLab and m00 security even named his PoC release code “m00-apache-w00t.c” back in 2003. Defcon monitors, alongside the wall of sheep, are filled with the stuff every year in Vegas. A Linksys hack cheers a VMware virtual machine escape technique (see if you can find the w00t!). An entire w00tbot family has been crawling around the internet. Wezzer they suxxored or not, Merriam Webster just might pwn all you n00bs next year.
Oh brother. I’m guessing we’ll see a lot less of this lingo in the underground chat rooms and forums now.

Interestingly, #2 on the list was “facebook“, another sexy term and hangout for all the l337 kidz.

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