Me and my wife watched this movie here….A social engineering scam

By Alan Lee – PC Tools Malware Research Team

Next time when someone tells you, “Me and my wife watched this movie here : http://example.com/example”.

Watch out, they may be luring you to a scam site!

It’s the holiday season soon and most Harry Potter fans will be eagerly waiting for the release of the last 2 instalments of the movie series – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2.

While browsing online for related Harry Potter stuff, I came across some websites claiming that you can watch the latest Harry Potter movies on their websites.
social engineering 1

Unable to find anything useful, I saw a comment written by “kukanjot” 2 weeks ago saying “Me and my wife watched this movie here http://example.com/example. This movie is great =)”

Now if you are really desperate to watch this movie, what will you try to do? Copy and paste the link onto your favourite browser?

Visiting the website brought me to a page where I would need to click on some links in order to watch the movie. Sounds iffy, doesn’t it?

social engineering 1

Next, I clicked on “Get Paid to Answer Questions” and this is what I got.

social engineering 1

A page which requires me to enter my details to join so that I can win an iPad? I thought I just wanted to watch the latest Harry Potter movie online.

After entering my details and activated my registration, I was told to enter a survey.

After completing the survey, I received a “Thank You for your time” page.

social engineering 1

So does this mean that I can start watching my free Harry Potter movie online?

The answer is NO!

The page remains stuck at the “Checking for completion” phase and never got out, but hey, the page says that “If this page is still locked, please try completing a different offer”.

social engineering 1

So there I go off to try another available option.


social engineering 1

Now, I am not really interested in paintballs but I am still interested in my movie. Therefore I will enter my details for a chance to win these awesome prizes in order to achieve my goal.

After I entered my details, I am asked to complete another survey again.

social engineering 1

As you can see, these “FREE” movie viewing websites are trying to lure unsuspecting users to visit so-called survey websites (they may even be legitimate) and give their details. I am not sure if their main aim is really collect survey information but what I am sure is once you submit your personal details to them, they can do whatever they want with it.

Identity fraud, spam, any takers?

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3 Responses to Me and my wife watched this movie here….A social engineering scam

  1. Reader101 says:

    Umm, you might want to change that XXX link you are using.. It actually takes you to a porn site.. hehe, Thank you for this info. :)

  2. qmuhlert says:

    Oops!! Was just meant to be a blank example URL – Thanks for the heads-up! Fixed it :)

  3. Reader101 says:

    Whew..Glad you didn’t ask why I clicked it in the first place..lol
    NP, your welcome. :)

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