Mariposa Wings Clipped

Spanish law enforcement nabbed three operators of the Mariposa botnet:  “Authorities identified them by their Internet handles and their ages: “netkairo,” 31; “jonyloleante,” 30; and “ostiator,” 25.”

The massive infection rate described in the article presents just another reason why you need our quiet ThreatFire product protecting your workstation. On a weekly basis, thousands of updated ThreatFire-protected systems were attacked and protected from variants of the bots with a feature we call “behavioral recognition”. It is far superior to AV file scanner signatures and definitively identifies the behavior of malware families like the bots that were a part of the Mariposa botnet. Problems with signature based AV scanner recognition and various Mariposa variant bots were described in a technical paper here.


If you saw a red dialog from ThreatFire warning that it is protecting your system from “Worm.Palevo” or “W32.Pilleuz”, your system was protected from becoming another one of over 12 million Mariposa victims.

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