How To Remove: Security Essentials 2010

by: Mylene Villacorte

Security Essentials 2010 (SE2010.exe) is a new rogue application which is usually arrives as a file dropped by a Trojan or downloaded from the internet. It employs the same techniques as of Internet Security 2010…then again, said techniques have proven effective before, so why fix what is not broken?

Without being asked, SE2010 scans the infected computer and displays the list of threats present in the system. Note that the said list is fake and the files do not really exist.

It displays several fake alert messages and warnings to pursuade user into buying the full version of the application.

Aside from the annoying pop-ups and alert messages, it will not allow users to run any applications, legitimate or not. Instead, it displays a message stating that the application is infected and the only solution to execute the affected application is to purchase the product!
It must be clear that SE2010 should be removed from the infected machine as it only imitates legitimate Antispyware program, not to mention the endless annoying pop-ups and messages. To automatically remove Security Essentials 2010, use a reputable anti-spyware program such as PC Tools Spyware Doctor. Also, provided below the manual removal instructions for free!
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