How Free Antivirus Takes on a Paid Product

The main difference between free antivirus products and purchased antivirus products lies in level of protection. Free antivirus products only protect against previously known threats – a good starting point, but one that might be trouble if you are a constant internet user. An even bigger problem arises when you incorporate higher risk sites, such as music sharing sites, adult websites, and online gambling sites. The most poisoned search terms are ones that include the words “free” or “lyrics.”

Paid antivirus software, like PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus or PC Tools Internet Security, both protect against known threats and unknown threats. Such software takes a heuristic approach to internet security by providing advanced methods of detection and protective measures like firewalls. Although free antivirus software is far better than nothing, you need to appreciate the fact that the information in most free antivirus products comes from a database of information that isn’t top a priority to update.

PC Tools AntiVirus Free, a good basic option for protection, is equipped to warn you about potential threats and malicious websites with enhanced features like Browser Defender. However, warning about future threats and stopping them are two different things. Although PC Tools AntiVirus Free offers more features than most free antivirus products, for full coverage and safety, upgrade to award-winning PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus or PC Tools Internet Security for superior web protection.

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