The Future of Cybercrime Detection & Prevention

As rates of cybercrime continue to increase exponentially, law enforcement agencies will have to enhance their cyber-defenses to effectively fight online attacks. New technologies promise to play an important role in this battle for cybersecurity.  The Federal Office Systems Exposition (FOSE), the premier information technology event in the United States, recently showcased new products that could become instrumental in the war on cybercrime.

FOSE, held March 23 to 25 in Washington, D.C, is the largest tradeshow for federal technology professionals. According to delegates at the event, the war on cybercrime and cyberterrorism has given a major boost to the IT and security industries. In the coming years, the fields could experience even greater growth, possibly generating hundreds of billions of dollars in the US alone.

The event highlighted the intense competition to tap into this revenue stream; many leading IT companies showcased products that support the government’s focus on cybercrime. The Cyber Security Theater & Pavilion featured a variety of innovations. One such product is a new WiFi Investigator, a tool designed to help law enforcement officials specify locations in order to apprehend suspect devices, including laptops and smartphones. Another featured gadget produces powerful magnetic pulses in order to instantly erase sensitive data in the event of a security breach.

In addition to new technologies, FOSE also featured workshops and presentations focused on government cooperation across international borders – a crucial challenge to cybersecurity. Allan Berg, President of InfraGard Maryland Members Alliance and one of the presenters in the session “Educating Senior Leaders in Cyber Security Requirement,” articulated these issues: “To effectively detect and deter cyber criminals, it is vital for our law enforcement agencies and our legal community to look beyond our nation’s borders and work with their international colleagues in order to have a global framework of cybercrime statutes. This workshop will help law enforcement personnel and the legal community learn how nations can work collaboratively to establish a network of laws to combat this global problem.”

Only time will tell what gadgets will become the leading tools in cybercrime detection and prevention. Whatever the future holds, the exhibits and innovative technologies presented at FOSE 2010 clearly indicate cybercrime is one of the most important challenges facing the government in the years to come.

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