FBI IC3 2009 Report

The Fbi released its Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) 2009 report. The organization maintains that cyberfraud losses reported to them doubled year over year.

The report contains what appears to be significant changes. The report includes mention of the FakeAv scams that have plaqued users over the past couple of years. Another friend just brought in a laptop screaming “Your system is infected!” yesterday, most likely due to a banner ad drive-by. At this point, it’s hard to believe that the fraud is not occuring on a large enough scale to quantify the criminal activity.

The report provides list of the most common complaints that the IC3 received in 2009, including spam, identity theft, credit card fraud, and computer damage, all things that an additional layer of protection like ThreatFire effectively helps protect your system against.

Complaints of internet crime, including spam and fraud, should be filed here, in addition to making other appropriate contacts. They can’t report on what is not filed.

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One Response to FBI IC3 2009 Report

  1. thesilentmonk says:

    Over the past month i have been plagued with harassing phone calls from a group out in the Mid-west that claims they are officers of a company investigating bank fraud. The caller speaks with an indian (India-n) accent and claims to have a anglo-saxon name (go figure). They say that I have taken out a payday loan online and that i committed fraud by refusing to repay. First I never took out any loan online — I did check into getting one but stopped before any thing was finalized. Second I pay my bills or make arrangements with my debtors. They say the money was deposited (direct deposit) into my bank account, and they have all of my information: SS#, bank acct #, drivers lic, employment. They say that if i call them that they will work something out with me but otherwise they will press charges against me.

    they have also been calling my mom and brother who i used as references on a loan application. They always say the exact same script and get frustrated if you throw them from their script. I looked the phone number up online and found that I am not the only one that they are doing this too. They even go to the point of, as in one case I read about, getting a lady fired from her job and then bragging about doing so. My mother called the FBI about this group and they said that the thing we need to do is to change our information, and report a fraud to the FTC and to the credit reporting agencies.

    THIS IS A SCAM!! PLEASE LET EVERYONE KNOW. the group uses various phone numbers but they get your information from websites.

    if you are using the internet:
    1. Don’t fill out information on any website unless you are positive they will not sale your information
    2. Don’t give in to the scammers — ignore them the best that you can — put block on phone
    3. Use “aliases” whenever you can online
    4. Be careful online, keep an eye on your children’s activities, and hide your identity best you can

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