Facebook, Open These Images Scheme — dvc-foto010.jpeg_www.facebook.com

No, it is not a link, it is a file that does not have photos that you are interested in, and will not direct you to jpegs you are interested in on the facebook site. Also making the rounds is “newestpicture0021.jpeg-www.imageshack.com”, and other “imageshack.com” files.

Another worm is propagating with a .com extension, which is actually an executable format on Windows systems. The file, when run, drops a copy of itself to the system32 directory as “symlasvc.exe” or “symlssdr.exe”, and hides its process from monitoring tools with rootkit components. In both cases, it adds itself to the Run key as the “Symantec Administration Service” so that it starts at every boot. Among other activities, it kills a set of tools that may be used to identify its presence on the system, and mangles the hosts file to prevent access to security information, security software and security update sites, including this blog. Here is an example: blog.threatfire.com www.threatexpert.com blog.hispasec.com mailcenter.rising.com.cn mailcenter.rising.com www.rising.com.cn www.rising.com

ThreatFire currently is preventing these worms as “Worm.Injector”. In the past, we’ve seen similarly effective social engineering schemes:
Surge in IM worm activity — don’t look at that cute puppy
New Undetected Worm
Bot on the loose — careful with images

Please do not run these files when they arrive.

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