DIY cybercrime kits

Cybercriminals: What Will They Think of Next?

Cybercriminals are nothing if not entrepreneurial. One way that they can make money outside of their usual schemes is to sell Do-It-Yourself crime kits, fostering a new crop of hackers and earning a few hundred dollars in the process.

All-inclusive packages make it easy for even casual internet users to profit off cybercrime, plaguing the rest of the population with even more spam in their email inboxes. The kits are custom built for phishing attacks, mimicking email messaging from a reputable source. (Phishing refers to an attempt by a hacker to obtain confidential information about a user through fraudulent means; specifically by pretending to be a legitimate communication from a credible source. In a typical phishing scheme, a spam email will direct a reader to an external website, often with a masked URL. When the user inputs his or her information, it falls into the hands of the cybercriminal.) Popular template targets include FedEx, UPS, and Facebook. Cybercriminals hope to get victims to input their credit card information. Once obtained, they can max out your cards, ruin your credit, and wreak havoc on your good financial name.

Cybercriminals have proven themselves adept at marketing these kits, which sell for between $400-$700, in forums. Potential customers should be wary, however, of the often unscrupulous nature of the people with whom they are trying to conduct business. If cybercriminals have no qualms releasing malware into the wild through fraudulent sites, they certainly might not think twice about taking your $700 and running. Bad business, all around.


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