Creepy kitty

Their social engineering team hasn’t run out of ideas yet, but the attacks are starting to look a bit creepy. Here is a screenshot of the latest Storm related attack site:

It’s not reproduced all that well on this blog posting, but the image is a flash file, and the cat’s head vibrates up and down rapidly.
So now they are taking on that group of people that forward disgustingly “cute” pictures of animals.

At the bottom of this page, when visited with Firefox, the authors include a treat — if you don’t want to download and run the malicious “SuperLaugh.exe” file hosted on the site, they’ll run it without your permission by attacking the Windows Media Player vulnerability. If you use Firefox, be sure to update it by clicking Help -> Check for Updates…
The pages attack IE and Opera also, so be sure to update them if you haven’t already.
All exploits from these Storm related web pages are stopped by Threatfire as always…

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2 Responses to Creepy kitty

  1. Marc says:

    Good info to know!

    “All exploits from these Storm related web pages are stopped by Threatfire as always.”

    But even better! I rely on TF for problems such as these. I’m not always up to date on patches and security issues. But these days I have an extra layer of protection.

  2. Goffee says:

    Just found the blog, I’ll mention it in our next feature on security as it is good to see a threat site that is written in plain English for the typical reader….

    Geoff, Editor PC-123

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