Block Spam & Help Save the Planet

The effort to reduce our carbon footprint – the measurement of the amount of harmful greenhouse gases released by a person or corporation – is an issue that is becoming all the more important as global energy consumption levels continue to reach new heights. While eco-friendly practices like recycling or turning off lights can reduce energy use, there are other ways to help the planet that one might not immediately consider. Surprisingly, using spam filters on your email is one such way to stay green.

Anyone with an email account is familiar with spam mail. This nuisance can lead to all types of malware, so it’s best to use spam blockers to filter these unwanted messages. However, harmful viruses are not the only consequence for not having proper internet security. According to a BBC article, a 2009 report links spam to tremendous energy waste. In fact, eliminating spam for one day would be equivalent to removing 2.2 million cars from the road.

This report also states that a staggering 62 trillion spam messages are sent globally each year, creating 17 million tons of CO2. This energy waste stems primarily from people taking the time to sort through spam messages in order to find legitimate emails. Therefore, using a spam filter is not only a tech savvy practice but also an eco-friendly one.

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