Kellie – PC Tools Security News Senior Editor
Kellie is our Senior Editor, keeping us all on track and our grammar in-check. Without her the dots begin falling off of the Is and the crosses off of the Ts.

Anna – Security News Writer
Anna is a staff writer, focusing her investigations on international hacking incidents, their political motives, and the consequences those have on legislation and international relations.

Juan - Security News Writer
Juan is a staff writer, focusing his writing on new malware threats, and 0day virus outbreaks. Juan breaks these down and outlines how to get these threats off of your PC, so you can get back to life.

Angelica – Security News Writer
Angelica is a staff writer, who writes about international virus outbreaks, and the effect of web security on business. As international business rises to deal with hackers and virus security threats, Angelica is there to get the story.

Quentin – Security News Special Correspondent
Quentin is our special correspondent, writing about the world of spammers. Spam is big business for those willing to risk running against the law, and Quentin is there following those who build their fortune on junk emails.

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