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Social networks provide the ideal forum for spammers and hackers to engage in all types of cybercrime. Due to the inherent trust factor involved, most people (not including our tech-savvy readers, of course) don’t think twice before clicking on a … Continue reading

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By Crescencio Reyes – PC Tools Malware Research Team Cybercriminals typically use major news outbreaks as their main lure for malware delivery. However, as we recently discovered, even a relatively small news story out of Milan, Italy can be effectively … Continue reading

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As we become ever more dependent on our laptops, smartphones and various other means to surf the web, internet crime continues to increase at an alarming rate. There’s no doubt that this rise in cybercrime is linked to organized crime; … Continue reading

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Russia, long known as a haven for hackers and spammers, is finally taking steps to crack down on cybercrime. Over the last several years, the Russian government has frustrated officials from other nations by allowing organized cybercrime gangs operating in … Continue reading

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Cybercrime is not confined by city, state or national borders. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection is susceptible to online fraud. However, where you choose to surf the Web can put you at great risk for a cyberattack. … Continue reading

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