AMTSO on eWeek

Larry Seltzer posted a fine review of the new AMTSO documents over on eWeek.

It’s always great to see the words “I’m really impressed with what I’m reading in these standards.” He even goes over the “Best Practices for Dynamic Testing” document, which is relevant to properly evaluating ThreatFire and other behavioral-based anti-malware solutions — delivering malware to the system in the same way that a user would see it attacking their system. We were especially interested in the “Dynamic Testing” document details and crafting at the last Oxford meeting. He understands the issues addressed in the document, including issues with using Virtual Machines in testing, and the article finishes with a hint of the reality of the process: “
It’s great to see positive interest in the testing standards already. Let’s hope that Larry and others at eWeek are interested in becoming a member as well.

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