Agent again, this time undetected

Several interesting surges in malware activity are showing up today. The most highly propagated that we are seeing is a large increase in the past 24 hours of an old friend that’s been labelled “Trojan.Agent”. The filename that we are seeing the most of is “wingmmesc.exe”, and it continues to run rampant without much in the way of AV detection, including the new and improved engines to detect suspicious obfuscation:

We are investigating its spread and its packing techniques. While the outer layer was packed with upx, another layer of protection needs to be peeled back, which may explain low AV detections. In the past, this sort of stuff was spread via emails with “enticing” (often pornographic) messages with links to urls, like hxxp://aliodsf . com / video.exe. We’ll get back with more detail.

Update…It appears to be related to the Sality family, because we’re seeing lots of familiar Sality “WINEUJE.EXE” activity related to the downloader, a worm that’s run around for a long time now, especially in Asia. It attempts to download .gif files from “kukutrustnet888.info” and “microupdate14.info”, both domains that we’ve seen from this family before. We’ll rename this one to a more appropriate Sality label, and more AV detections should begin to pick up, now that we’ve uploaded it to virustotal for sharing.

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