0day Awareness

Evgeny Legerov is wrapping up his month of 0day awareness. We are mid-way through his week of database 0day on the Intevydis blog:

“[January 25 - February 1] – week of database bugs, inspired by our research for DBJIT Toolset, 0days in Mysql, IBM DB2, Lotus Domino, Informix, Oracle(?)…and hopefully more”

Mostly all of our ThreatFire workstation users remain unaffected, as the noted attacks focus on enterprise level issues. So far this week he’s delivered the goods on all the major databases. If you’re unaware, Legerov runs a responsive shop developing exploit packs for the Canvas penetration-testing suite.

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  1. Michael Arch Davis says:

    I just wanted to say how appreciative I am for all the hard work-effort put into helping the Internet become ” user friendly ” for the consumer .. The lawful order with threatfire is well seen and respected .. Keep up the awesome work.

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