Patch Scanner – Windows Patch Management

If you’ve ever had Windows on your PC, you’re probably quite familiar with the multitude of updates and patches it regularly sends out to its users. Windows necessarily distributes these updates in order to fix vulnerabilities in its software that cybercriminals can potentially exploit. But the management of Windows updates can be difficult since it’s not always clear when patches are available or what they’re designed to do. Enter Patch Scanner.

PC Tools Patch Scanner scans your computer for missing Windows updates and displays the results in an easy-to-read list. You have the option of scanning for security related updates or, alternatively, scanning for and displaying all missing updates.

Patch Scanner simplifies and organizes the Windows patch management process, a process that is often unclear and overwhelming considering how many Windows patches constantly spring up. After scanning for updates, Patch Scanner conveniently gives you a clear description of each available update so you know exactly how your PC would benefit from each patch.


Computer worm and virus writers view Microsoft Windows the way bulls view big, red capes. Due in part to its immense popularity, Windows has become a favorite target among cybercriminals. And unfortunately, by extension, so have all of its users. As a consequence, Windows must be especially diligent about providing security updates and patches to its users in order to help fend off the barrage of attacks that are constantly launched its way.

Because of the urgent need to patch vulnerabilities, Microsoft releases security patches approximately once a month (typically, on the second Tuesday of every month); however, critical updates are made available whenever necessary.

Patch Scanner allows you to decide when to scan for patches, and it clearly displays the relevant information about each update. That way, you’ll know all of the important details about available Windows patches and how they will mend vulnerabilities on your PC. As a result, Windows patch management becomes easy as pie.

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