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Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus

Award-winning protection.
Now with payment flexibility.

Introducing monthly payments from PC Tools. Now you can choose to pay your protection subscription annually or month to month. Simply choose your subscription option and start your protection today.

$3.99 USD Monthly subscription for up to 3 PCs Purchase Now
$49.99 USD 1 Year subscription for up to 3 PCs Purchase Now
AntiVirus Features
Protects against malware that is hidden in other software applications or files such as documents
Protects against infections that corrupt other files on your computer
Protects against self-replicating malware that quickly spreads across your computer
Protects against malware that completely destroys your files, rendering them useless
Protects against software that allows unauthorized access to your computer
AntiSpyware Features
Protects against hidden software that tracks your visited sites
Protects against files that store your personal web settings and customizations
Protects against malware that records your computer usage and hardware settings
Protects against browser hijackers that redirect your home page and internet searches
General Features
24/7 phone, email and web support
Smart Updates provide frequent, automatic updates in the background to keep you protected
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