• Threat Level: High
  • Description: NewtonKnows displays advertisements and a dog on your browser. It comprises of a browser search-hijacker, a toolbar and a targeting pop-up system that works across many browsers. Speech-bubble-style site links pop up in the bottom-right corner of the browser window whilst browsing. When a targeted site is visited, NewtonKnows sends a request back to its controlling servers, which includes the hostname of the site being viewed, and a unique ID. This can be used to track your usage of different web sites. If you entered an e-mail address at the time of install, such a browsing record is personally identifying. The privacy policy explicitly allows NewtonKnows's makers to combine personally identifying web usage records with other databases (which might include, for example, addresses and telephone numbers), and to use this database for marketing. NewtonKnows also has a silent self-updating feature which allows its controlling server to execute arbitrary unsigned code.
  • Type: TT_Adware
  • Threat Analysis: Search ThreatExpert to view reports
  • Removal: This infection can be removed using Spyware Doctor.

More Information:

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