The PC Tools Malware Research Center

Welcome to the PC Tools Malware Research Center (MRC) home page.

PC Tools runs an active and highly-specialized research lab, known as the Malware Research Centre, which is devoted to researching and identifying new spyware and malware infections for inclusion into our comprehensive anti-spyware database, which forms the 'brains' behind Spyware Doctor.

Our malware database is highly integrated with Spyware Doctor's broad range of scanning and real-time system protection tools, making Spyware Doctor one of the most effective anti-spyware products on the market today.

Our research team and dedicated team of QA testers ensure that multiple databases are released each week through a convenient Smart Update facility, thereby allowing Spyware Doctor to maximize your protection against new malware and spyware infections.

Our MRC pages are divided into the following sections. Please click on the appropriate link below for further information:

Infection Database -- Browse through a list of available infections that Spyware doctor is capable of removing or search for specific infections.
Threat levels -- This section explains the criteria that PC Tools uses to classify threat levels associated with malware infections.
Glossary -- To view a brief summary of malware terms and concepts, please click this link.
Malware dispute form for vendors -- If you are a vendor of a product or one or more components of a product that Spyware Doctor has/have incorrectly identified as malware, please use this form to submit your query and our team will work with you to reanalyze your product.
Submit Spyware Sample -- If you suspect that a product or one or more components of a product is malware, and Spyware Doctor is not detecting or completely removing it from your PC, please use this form to submit the relevant files (for example, the installer files) to our MRC team for further investigation.
Threat Expert -- is an advanced patented automated threat analysis system (ATAS) designed to analyze and report the behavior of computer viruses, worms, trojans, adware, spyware, and other security-related risks in a fully automated mode.