Everything You Need to Know About License Codes

What is a License Code?                    

A License Code is a unique code that you purchase when buying PC Tools software.  You will receive your License Code via email, from PC Tools after you have purchased and you will need it to Register your software. 

Why purchase a License Code?

By purchasing a PC Tools License Code you will unlock the full functionality of the software.

Your license code is generally valid for 12 months (although can be extended for another 12 months) and entitles you to:


Why not use other free anti-malware software, known as ‘Freeware’?

Free anti-malware or ‘Freeware’ is a bargain until it fails to protect your computer.  The cost of a good anti-malware software is nothing compared to the years of data you have on your computer, years worth of photos of family and friends, music or that important work file you were working on. 


Freeware generally provides very basic levels of protection as it is free.  Unfortunately, there are multiple  ways that malware can get into your computer and due to this reason anti-malware software needs to be as sophisticated as possible.  Many ‘Freewares’ neglect to protect your browser, scan emails, warn you when you are about to visit a dangerous site or offer you the information and options to remove harmful malware from your computer when it is found.


It is also likely that there is no free customer support for users of Freeware.  There may also be no agent-assisted support, or updates for the program, or bug fixes.  Meaning, that if you get infected whilst using ‘Freeware’ you are on your own.**So don’t leave your computer with protection offered by ‘Freeware’ Download and Purchase a PC Tools License Code today.**



What if I have Lost my License Code?

All of your license codes may be viewed in My Account.  Simply log in, using the email address and password used when purchasing your software, and click on the ’My Licenses’ tab to view your licenses.


If you have forgotten your password, please click on the ‘forgot you password’ link on the My Account sign in page to request a new one sent to you email address.



My License Code is not accepted when Registering my Software.

It is important to note that the License Code is case sensitive and it is required to entered exactly as it is presented in your confirmation email.  The easiest way to achieve this is to copy it from the email and paste it in to the Registration page.  **NOTE: There are no letter ‘O’s’ in the License Code only zeros ‘0’.


If you are still having problems please try the following steps:

a)       Open your software from the Windows “Programs” menu or double click the icon for your program in the tray (the lower right corner of your desktop/screen). 

b)       Once the software is open, click on the “Help” button (in the upper right corner of the program’s main window)

c)       Click “about” then “register”

d)       A box will appear where you enter your License Name and License Code exactly as they appear on your confirmation email.

NOTE: The License code details are case sensitive, there are no letter “O’s” in the Licence code only zeros.

e)       Click “Register” at the bottom of the Registration Window and you will see a message that indicates the software is now successfully registered - click “OK”.



Do I need to purchase a new License Code when I update to the Latest Version?

No, you are not required to re-purchase a License Code to update to the latest version of your product.  As long as you have a valid license for the product you are using, you are entitled to update to the latest version.

When you install the latest version of any PC Tools program, your new install will automatically pick-up the original license details.

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