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Why should I purchase a License Code?

Article Number: 160 | Last Updated: Tue, Jun 5, 2012 11:52 PM

By purchasing a License Code you will unlock the full product functionality.
Your license code is valid for 12 months and entitles you to:
  • Free support from our Customer Support team
  • All software version updates
  • Full access to our Smart Update feature which provides the latest anti-spyware and anti-virus definitions to keep your computer protected.

Why not use other free anti-malware software?
Freeware is a bargain until it fails to protect your computer. The cost of a good anti-malware software is nothing compared to the years of data you have on your computer, years worth of photos of family and friends, or that important work files you were working on.
Freeware generally provides very basic levels of protection. There are multiple ways that malware can get into your computer. Freewares may offer you passive scanning of existing files, but may do nothing to protect your browser, scan emails you receive or chats on instant messaging client.
They may not warn you when you are about to visit a dangerous site, or give you information or options for you to choose when a malware is found.
In some cases free anti-malware products are actually malware themselves. The programmers of these products (often called Scare-ware) pray on people’s desire for a free solution.  They take advantage of this by displaying pop-up alerts and advertise on genuine-looking webpages to prompt computer users to download and install their bad software.
There may also be no free customer support for users of free anti-malware.  There may also be no agent-assisted support, or updates for the program, or bug fixes.

So don’t leave your computer with protection offered by free anti-malware.
Download and use PC Tools’s reputable and award-winning anti-malware software products now!
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