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What if my License Code is not accepted?

Article Number: 159 | Last Updated: Wed, Jun 6, 2012 12:09 AM

If your License Code is not accepted, can you please check the following. Note that this error message can be avoided by copying and pasting your license code details into the registration screen.



  1. The License Name and License Code are case-sensitive, copy and paste instead of entering them manually.
  2. Please ensure that you are not entering the letter ’O’ for the number ’0’. We use all ’0’ (zeros) in our license codes.
  3. Please ensure there are no ’spaces’ at the beginning or the end of the license code, as this will produce an error. Use your backspace or delete key to remove any entered ’spaces’.
  • Below is the Registration screen

  • Please then Copy and Paste your License Name and License Code into the two registration textbox fields
  • Please make sure that all information is entered to the far left of the textbox fields and that there are no blank spaces to the left before clicking the ’Register Now’ button

IMPORTANT: Please copy and paste these details to ensure exact data entry.

Please Note: Please do not press the ’Continue’ button on the register screen when trying to register, use the ’Register Now’ button to finish the registration process.

Tip: Please ensure you run Smart Update as soon as possible after registering, to ensure that the database and tools are updated to the latest version.

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