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Virus Removal Assurance Overview and Key Features

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1.   PC Tools Virus Removal Assurance is a subscription based offering available on PC Tools Online Store as an add-on for our customers. Normally $99 per for each service, PC Tools Virus Removal Assurance gives unlimited virus removals while the PC Tools software is active.When customer places an order on PC Tools Online Store for a PC Tools security product, PC Tools Virus Removal Assurance is added in the shopping cart as an add-on service. Customer has the option to keep or remove this additional service from the shopping cart.

Reasons to believe

o    Detection of hidden threats - A full scan finds spyware, viruses & other hidden threats

o    Elimination of spyware and viruses - An expert technicians eliminates all threats detected on your computer

o    Full protection against threats - A technician tests your computer for stability and protection

o    Convenient service - No need to leave your home or office - your computer will be freed from detected viruses, freeing you from worries

Key Features

1.     Unlimited access: Unlimited services throughout your subscription period

2.     24/7 availability: Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

3.     Total inspection: Expert technicians perform a full system scan to detect security threats on your PC

4.     Threat elimination: We remove hidden spyware and viruses that threaten or can even hijack your computer

5.     Protection: We provide guidance and recommendations for staying safe online

Key Benefits

1.     Convenience: It’s all done over the Internet, so there’s no need for a store visit or an in-home service call. PC ToolsLive technicians remotely access your PC to clean out viruses that may prohibit initial install of your PC Tools software

2.     Responsiveness: PC ToolsLive technicians are available at any time, on the phone or on the Web, for prompt and personal assistance

3.     Expertise: Our experts provide a comprehensive diagnosis and fix any problems right away


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