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Performance Software: I cannot remove the bleach files

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You have run the “Bleach Disks” feature and the bleach files that are created do not get removed at the end of the bleaching process.  The disk is then filled to capacity with the bleach files.


•    The “Bleach Disks” process was interrupted and PC Tools Performance Software was not able to run the cleanup portion of the “Bleach Disks” phase, thus the bleach files are left on the hard drive.

Products Affected:

Performance Toolkit / Registry Mechanic / Privacy Guardian


Step 1: Run “Bleach Free Disk Space” in Safe Mode with Networking

Try performing a ”Bleach Free Disk Space” scan in Windows Safe Mode with Networking to see if the issue persists by following the steps below:

1.  Shut down the computer
2.  Press the power button on the computer to start it
3.  Immediately begin pressing the "F8" key on your keyboard repeatedly (several times a second)

You will eventually be presented with a list of boot options you can use to start Windows in.

4.  Using the cursor keys on the keyboard, select "Safe Mode with Networking" and press ENTER
5.  Login in to your account (if asked)
6.  When prompted if you want to continue to work in "Safe Mode with Networking", select "YES".

(while the computer is running in Safe Mode With Networking)

7.  Start the program
8.  Select "Privacy"
9.  Select "Bleach Disks"
10.  Ensure the "Bleach Free Disk Space" toggle is set to "I" (GREEN)
11.  Select (check) the drives you wish to bleach
12.  Select "Save Choices"
13.  Select "Clean Disks"

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