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Performance Software: I Cannot open recovered files by File Recover.

Article Number: 116 | Last Updated: Wed, Aug 15, 2012 3:41 AM

Although files are displayed excellent condition by File Recover, they may not open or display the content because the files themselves could be slightly corrupted. Follow the steps below to repair corrupt files.

1. Launch File Recover

2. Click on Settings (top right corner)

3. Under General Settings and Repair options, check the box next to "Prompt for repair of corrupt files"

4. Click on “Save Changes” to save the changes

File Recover allows you to search for a file if you know the exact name of the deleted file. You can use the filter option to specifically locate the deleted file.

From the main File Recover screen, you can filter your search by scrolling through the list and check mark the file types you wish to locate and/or filter your search by defining a part of the deleted file name or its size.

If you are unable to open/launch the deleted file, the file may be corrupt. File Recover will be able to recover deleted files that remain intact on your hard disk. However, a deleted file that is corrupted or partially re-used by the Windows operating system will not be readable. The Windows operating system will recycle part (or the entire) deleted file(s) and a percentage of ’larger’ recovered files will have missing header information that are cross-linked or corrupted.

In these cases, there is no workaround to recover these files.

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