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PC Power Boost Overview and Key Features

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1.  Over time unnecessary files, start-up programs, and other clutter can cause your PC to slow to a crawl. You depend on your computer, so sluggish operation can cause endless frustration. You could spend hours figuring out how to fix the problem yourself, with or without success. You could spend even more time on trips to an expensive PC repair store. You might even consider giving up on your current computer and buying a new one. PC Tools PC Power Boost is a faster, more convenient, and more economical solution to your slow PC problem. Your PC Tools expert will remotely clean up, tune-up and speed up your entire system over the Internet so your PC runs like new again. And you can get this service right now, without leaving the comfort of your home or office. By having a PC Tools expert do the work, your PC will run faster and you will save time and money compared to lugging your PC to a repair shop or paying for a new computer. At PC Tools, we are always happy to help.


 Your PC will run like new again

• You’ll avoid hours of research, tinkering, and frustration

• You’ll extend the life of your computer

• Our service is fast, easy, and convenient

• There’s no need for PC drop-off, pick-up, or costly home visits

• More than 90% of our customers say they are Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied*

Key Features

• Unnecessary files deleted and unneeded programs disabled for faster PC start-up

• Memory freed up and PC settings optimized to improve overall performance

• Windows settings customized based on your needs and preferences

• Personalized report card provided with actions taken and recommended maintenance steps

• Questions answered by helpful technician who offers advice for keeping your PC running fast

• Service performed securely over the Internet in only 45 minutes, on average

• Help available in English 24/7 to fit your schedule


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