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I am trying to renew my subscription, and see the message: "This is a subscription product and cannot be renewed from this page."

Article Number: 177 | Last Updated: Wed, Jun 20, 2012 12:43 AM

If you are attempting to manually renew your product and see the message "This is a subscription product and cannot be renewed from this page" your PC Tools subscription may be set to Automatic Renewal instead of Manual Renewal.

If your subscription is set to automatic renewals there is no need to manually renew.

You can check the renewal setting for all of your products by logging into your MyAccount  at the Top Right hand corner of the PC Tools website and clicking on a license code in the ’My Licenses’ section. The ’Subscription Status’ will have the option to modify your setting to manual if automatic renewals are enabled. Otherwise, your subscription is already set to manual.

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