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How to Install and Register PC Tools Performance Products

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To register PC Tools Performance Products, (This includes Performance Toolkit, Registry Mechanic, and Privacy Guardian.) you must have your license code and license name. A license code and name is provided to you after successfully completing a software purchase.  You can find your license information in your invoice that was emailed to you in your order confirmation email.

1) You can register your product during the core installation.When the setup wizard begins, you will be encourage to read the License Agreement for the product. You must accept the terms of this agreement before continuing with the installation,.

2) The next window, you will be asked to enter in your License Name and License code. Please refer to your order confirmation email, where you can obtain your license registration information.   

3) In the field titled “License name,” type in your license name as it shows in your email.

 4) From your email, copy your license code by moving your mouse cursor over the entire code while holding down the left click button on the mouse. Highlight the code entirely from left to right. Once the entire code is highlighted, use the keyboard command to copy the code by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard and then once pressing the letter C (CNTL + C).

*Note: You can enter your license code by typing it in manually letter by letter and digits, but it is recommended to copy and paste your license code into the fields of the program to achieve the most accurate entry.

 Once you have copied the license code, click back on the program window and the registration screen will display. Click into the bottom field titled “License Code” and paste your code by holding the CTRL button and pressing the “V” key only once (CTRL + V).

5) It is recommended to select the EASY Install Option as it will extracted the needed files under your Program Files directory.

6) After you enter in your license information,  PC Tools will start the installation and download the core database files used to detect threats on your PC.

Installation is now complete. You now have the option to run an initial scan upon completion.

Still need assistance? Please take a look at our video on how to install and register.
How to Install PC Tools Performance Products (VIDEO)



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