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Clip Art Buffer Overrun Vulnerability

The buffer overrun could cause Clip Gallery 5.0 to stop responding (crash), or allow arbitrary code to run on your computer. A malicious user could embed this arbitrary code in a file that Clip Gallery 5.0 downloads to your computer. This code could be harmful, damaging information stored on the computer.


The Microsoft Clip Art Gallery software is used to allow users to retrieve and use clip art in their documents. One of the features of the Clip Art Gallery allows the user to download additional clips from the Microsoft Clip Gallery Live web site, and then install that clip art on their computer. To do this, Clip Art Gallery and Clip Gallery Live use a file format called the CIL format to contain the newly downloaded clips. Under certain circumstances, a very long field embedded in a clip art CIL file could cause a buffer overrun in the Clip Art Gallery software. The buffer overrun could cause the software to crash or, under certain circumstances, could cause the execution of hostile code on the computer where the Clip Art Gallery software was executing.

The risk from this vulnerability results from the facts that any web site can host a CIL file and that clip art will normally be processed without prompting the user for confirmation as would be the case with an executable file format.

Affected Products

  • Microsoft Clip Gallery 5.0 for Windows



Further Details

Source: Microsoft Corporation

Reference: Microsoft Corporation

Updated: March 6, 2000

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