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Unchecked Buffer Could Cause Web Server Compromise New

An unchecked buffer in a component of Windows 2000 could allow an attacker to compromise the machine by sending a specially formed HTTP request to the Internet Information Server (IIS).


Microsoft Windows 2000 supports the World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol. WebDAV, defined in RFC 2518, is a set of extensions to the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that provide a standard for editing and file management between computers on the Internet. A security vulnerability is present in a Windows component used by WebDAV, Ntdll.dll, and results because the component contains an unchecked buffer.

An attacker could exploit the vulnerability by sending a specially formed HTTP request to a machine running Internet Information Server (IIS). The request could cause the server to fail or to execute code of the attacker’s choice. The code would run in the security context of the IIS service (which, by default, runs in the LocalSystem context).

Affected Products

  • Microsoft Windows 2000



Further Details

Source: Microsoft Corporation

Reference: Microsoft Corporation

Updated: March 18, 2003

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