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Script Library

WScript Methods
Methods provide access to Windows functions
WScript Properties
Retrieve system information and parameters

File System Object
The FileSystemObject provides access to the computer file system and the ability to manage file, folders and drives. Basic mthods include the ability to create, delete, move and copy files and directories.

WScript Object
The WScript object exposes various properties about the running script and the WSH environment. It also provides methods to create and work with objects, along with several core WScript methods such as: Sleep, Echo and Quit.

WScript.Network Object
The WScript.Network object provides access to Windows networking methods to easily control functions such as adding and displaying network shares and printers. It also exposes several networking properties including the current username, domain and computer name.

WScript.Shell Object
The WSript.Shell object provides functions to read system information and environment variables, work with the registry and manage shortcuts.