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Remove the Menu Sliding Animation (Pocket PC 2002)
This tweak will remove the animated sliding menu effect found on the Pocket PC.

Change Internet Explorer to Appear as a Different Version (Pocket PC)
These settings allows you to change the way Pocket Internet Explorer appears to remote web sites. As some web site base the availability of SSL and other display parameters on this version information.

Control Windows Animation on Handheld Devices (Pocket PC)
The animation feature can make animated Windows look good, but it can also substantially slow down your handheld device. This setting allows you to control whether the function is enabled or disabled.

Modify the Graphic Cache Size (Pocket PC)
This setting controls the size of the glyph cache, by increasing this value you can increase graphics rendering speed by several times.

Automatically Hide the Taskbar (Pocket PC)
This setting controls whether the taskbar should be automatically hidden when not being accessed.

Control Script Errors on Pocket Internet Explorer (Pocket PC)
This setting allow you to control whether script errors generate a warning message on Pocket Internet Explorer.

Enable ClearType Technology (Pocket PC)
This setting controls the use of Clear Type text when rendering HTML documents with Pocket Internet Explorer.