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Backup Outlook Express Blocked Senders and Mail Rules (All Windows)
This article describes how to backup and restore your Blocked Senders list and other mail rules in Outlook Express 5 and later.

Change the Windows Address Book Location (All Windows)
This setting is used to specify the location of the Windows Address Book (WAB). The Windows Address Book is used by Outlook Express and Internet Mail and News to store contact details.

Block Executable Attachments in Outlook Express (All Windows)
Outlook Express normally allows you to view and save all e-mail attachments. This tweak blocks executable files that potentially contain harmful viruses.

Use Smooth Scrolling in Outlook Express (All Windows)
This setting controls whether smooth scrolling is used when viewing messages in Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0 and 6.0.

Remove Windows Messenger from Outlook Express (All Windows) Popular
This tweak is used to remove MSN Instant Messenger functionality and integration from Outlook Express.

Change the Start Page for Outlook Express (All Windows)
This setting can be used to change the page that Outlook Express loads in the right-hand window when it first starts-up.

Control the Ability to Use HTTP Mail in Outlook Express (All Windows)
This tweak is used to specify whether HTTP mail servers, such as Hotmail, can be used or created in Outlook Express.

Disable Account Changes in Outlook Express (All Windows)
This setting disables the ability for users to create or modify any mail, news or directory accounts in Outlook Express.

Outlook Express and IMAP Settings (All Windows)
This tweak allows you to correctly setup Outlook Express to use folders on the IMAP server for Drafts and Sent Mail instead of duplicating them with local folders.

Disable the Outlook Express Splash Screen (All Windows) Popular
Sick of seeing the Outlook Express splash screen every time you open the program? This settings will allow you to remove it.

Change the Outlook Express Window Title (All Windows)
This setting allows you to customize Outlook Express by using your own window title. For example you could rename Outlook Express to 'My Mail Reader' or anything else you like!

Colorful Message Backgrounds in Outlook Express (All Windows)
When enabled this setting allows the use of colorful message backgrounds in Outlook Express 4.0 or below.

Change the Location of the Outlook Express Mail and News Files (All Windows)
This setting allows you to change the location of the mail and news files stored by Outlook Express to another directory or partition.

Change the Internet Explorer & Outlook Express Toolbar Logo (All Windows) Popular
When you browse the Internet using Internet Explorer or read messages using Outlook Express, a logo is displayed indicating whether activity is taking place. With this tweak you can modify which logo is shown, customize it or reset it to the default.